The Avians range of automatic rising bollards are ideal used where utmost safety and efficiency is required to restrict mainly vehicle entries.

They can be used both in indoor and outdoor environments, for example: high security zones of government & military areas, corporate house, hotel ,markets, squares areas , entertainment events, sports centers, shopping centers, trade fair pavilions, conference halls.

Our automatic bollards are lowered entirely below the road surface to enable traffic to pass, or raised to block traffic.

Rising bollards are used to secure sensitive areas from attack.
  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • These are metal cylinder, with ultra high resistance to impact and weather
  • Housing & the Raised Structure are available in M.S /S.S
  • It is housed inside a compartment in the road parking and discourages traffic and/or parking
  • Can be activated or disabled automatically by commands executed by authorized persons or by pre-set time-based automatic commands
  • Available as automatic, semi-automatic versions
  • Semi- automatic bollards are activated by a key-operated control and subsequently raised automatically via a hydraulic operated actuator
  • One of our ranges of anti-terrorism bollards can stop vehicles at speeds of about 50 mph (80 Km/h).
Technical Specification Description
Product Automatic Bollards
Bollard Specifications
Moving Cylinder Materials FE 37 STEEL/ FE 510 STEEL
Moving Cylinder Diameter 220 – 275mm
Moving Cylinder Height 600 – 800 mm
Moving Cylinder Thickness 4 – 10 mm
Reflective Adhesive strip 55 mm
Impact Resistance ( Without Deformation) 5000 – 16,000 J
Breakout Resistance 60,000 – 450,000 J
Operating Temperature -40° C to +60 °C
Rising Speed 6 -12 cm/sec
Lowering Speed 10 - 15 cm / sec
Finish Polyester Powder Paint- Std Grey Anthracite

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