Sliding Gates

  • These Gates works on a simple but effective mechanism by sliding on the either side of the opening.
  • Tested graded steel are used for the manufacturing of these gates & thus the gate is strong to protect your premises from an unauthorized access.
  • Own Design & In-House Manufacturing process.
  • Avians automatic sliding gates come in various patterns and designs as per a customer’s requirements
  • High quality CNC finish top and bottom rollers
  • Heavy duty and smooth operation bottom track
  • Imported robust electrical motor and controls
  • These electric devices actually enable the electric gate to open and close without having to manually push the gate.
  • Electric sliding gates guarantee a completely secure environment with electric locks
  • Control to stop anytime while gate is moving
  • Various safety devices are available to make sure that our gates meet the highest safety standards.
  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Automatic sliding gates are smooth, easy and noise free
  • It is widely used and it is an economical option.
  • These Gates are available in single and double panel.
  • Bottom rail made up of polished bright bar are supported with heavy duty I-beam.
  • Top Nylon guide rollers with bearings are used for smooth operation.
  • At each end-track stopper is placed to absorb any impact and to hold the gate in the open or closed position
  • Vertical safety edge can be installed to protect against any damage or injuries in case of accidents
  • Motorised sliding gates are available with hinged type side gate and inbuilt wicket gates for pedestrian use
  • Galvanized rack attached to the gate and the pinion on the motor winds the gate open and close
  • Electromechanical gear motors range 400 to 5000 kg for heavy gate application
Technical Specification Description
Product Motorized Sliding Gate
Gate Dimension
Width Min./Max. Single Leaf : 1000/12000mm
Double Leaf :1000/24000mm
Height Min./Max. 1000/2200mm
Larger Dimension on request
Max. Number of Leaves Two
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside
Mounting Surface
  • Bottom Rail: RCC
  • Columns : RCC
Gate Design
Pattern Standard Mild Steel Tubular pattern
Gate Frame
  • Heavy Duty Box Section
  • Or as per the clients specific design
Internal vertical member
  • Heavy Duty Vertical Box sections
  • Or as per the clients specific design
Bottom Rail polished bright bar with I-beam support
Bottom Rollers Heavy Duty Bottom Wheel with both side bearings
Full height Column
  • Heavy Duty Box Section
  • Or as per the clients specific design
Guide Rollers Nylon Rollers with bearings both side mounted on column for support & smooth movement of gate.
Other available gate material
  • Stainless Steel,
  • Hot dip Galvanized
  • M.S/GI/Perforated /Aluminum sheets
  • Polycarbonate / Acrylic / PVC Sheet/Glass/Wood
Ornamental Designs On Request or as per client design.
Options Available
  • Spikes as per requirement
  • Wicket gate/Side Gates in the similar pattern as the main gate
  • Inbuilt gate in the similar pattern as the main gate
  • Any type of Customized Design can be made on request.
Surface Finish
  • Standard: Red Oxide Primer
  • Optional: Enamel Painting/Duco/PU painting
  • Available with or without sand Blasting
Details for Automation System
Drive Unit
  • Electric Motor(Imported)
  • Single/Three Phase
Emergency Operation Manual release knob
Operational Accessories
  • Additional Push Button
  • Key switch
  • Remote Control with receiver
  • Magnetic Loop Detector
Safety Accessories
  • Safety Photocell
  • Flashing Light
  • Vertical Safety Edge Sensor
Certification CE
Protection Class IP44 – IP55

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