Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors are used in the same operation as the conventional swing doors.

Avians automatic swing doors can be used to control the atmosphere within a space by enclosing the air drafts, so that interiors may be more effectively heated or cooled.

They are the best alternate where there is no back-end run space for the door to slide or fold and where a clear opening has to be utilised to the maximum.

These doors are best suitable for indoor application where smaller clear opening size, pedestrian access is required.

Our automatic swing doors increase comfort and make it possible for frail people to enter without having to overcome any obstacles.

We offer a wide range of variations - double skin insulated panels and single skin to suite the aesthetics of your building architecture.

Food Industry
Pharmaceuticals Industry
Trade and Retail
Cladding Sheet with EPS
Cladding Sheets
PUF Panel
Glass wool Panel
Glass Panel
  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Specially designed high Precision side hinges.
  • Top door mounted operator eliminates the need for headroom space
  • No obstruction at the bottom end of the door
  • Smart and advance drives and controls are perfectly harmonised to guarantee easy assembly and programming
  • Swing door systems are perfectly pre-pared for integration of all safety devices
Technical Specification Description
Product Automatic Swing Doors (Top Mounted Motor)
Door Type Single side / Bi-parting Type
Door Dimension
Width Min. /Max. Single Leaf : 1000mm - 1200mm
Double Leaf : 1500mm – 2400mm
Height Min. /Max. 2100mm-2500mm
Opening Direction Swinging
Wind Resistance
  • Up to 90 km/Hr
  • *Higher Wind Pressure on Request
Door Structure
Door Panel : PUF Insulated
  • 40 mm or 50mm thick PUF insulated Panel with 0.5mm thick pre coated G.I sheet on both side
  • Higher Thickness of panel available on Request
Optional Door Panels
Cladding Sheet single skin Pre-coated G.I Cladding Sheet
Plain Sheet Single Skin Plain Sheet 1.2mm thick with all around beading
Glasswooll/Rockwool insulation available on Request
Outer Frame
  • Standard Tubular Pipe Section
  • Optional M.S/G.I “C” type profile frame for all type of Cladding Sheet
Hinges Heavy duty Ball bearing hinges
Door Operation Mechanism Swinging mechanism
Hardware & accessories Handle on both side of the door.
Option Available
  • Vision Windows.
  • Louver Windows.
  • Vertical EPDM rubber sealing.
Panel & Frame
  • PUF Panels Doors: Std. Off-White Color
  • Cladding Sheet Doors : Off white/Blue
  • Plain Sheet Doors: Primer Finish
  • Other Colors on Request
Details for Automation System
Motor Mounting At door panel
Drive Unit European make gear Motor
Control Unit Inbuilt advance control, compatible with all types of features
Function Logic Automatic /Semi-Automatic /Deadman
Manual Operation Manual operation in case of power failure or emergency
Operating Switch
  • Push button from inside as standard
  • Push Button/Key Switch from outside(Optional)
Accessories (Optional)
  • Key Switch
  • Flashing Light
  • Safety Photocell
  • Remote Control with receiver
  • Microwave radar
  • Loop Detector
Certification CE
Protection Class IP 23

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