Dock Levelers

  • The Dock Leveler is placed at the exterior of the building in a loading bay.
  • This is an actual bridge between the loading area and the vehicle, so as to balance out all the difference in height and distance.
  • They enhance safety and productivity by avoiding multiple handling of the loads.
  • Various load carrying capacities ranging from three tons to 20 tons are available with single & double cylinders as option. There are two types of dock levelers - standard lip and telescopic lip
  • Highly Advance control panel along with power pack are available with safety & integration facility as optional.

Dock Levelers
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  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • These Dock Levelers are made of heavy duty corrosion-resistant steel.
  • The electronic hydraulic system moves the platform to the highest position and then automatically extends the hinged lip, so that the vehicle can be safely loaded and unloaded.
  • Anti skid checker platform to avoid any accidents.
  • All Dock Levelers are integrated with safety valve to prevent any accidents in case of breakdown of oil-hydraulic pipe.
  • Safety device for inspection and/or maintenance operations under the platform by means of platform supporting rod.
  • Rubber bumpers are fixed at the front side of Dock Levelers to prevent collision.
  • Dock levelers lip is designed to suit various truck sizes.
  • Two separate hydraulic cylinders are provided for one dock movement & one for lip movement.
  • Specially designed power pack is for heavy use.
  • In case of power failure, the dock levelers will remain at the current position
Technical Specification Description
Product Hydraulic Dock Leveler
Capacity 9.00 Tons; Other Capacity on request ( 6 ton – 25 ton)
UDL 9. 00 Tons
Point Load 6.00 Tons
Net Weight of Dock Leveler 825 Kg
Platform Operation Automatic through Hydraulic Cylinder
Lip Operation Method Automatic through Hydraulic Cylinder
Operation control Through Control Panel
Structure Type Completely Framed Structure from all four sides
Platform Size 2030 mm (W) x 2730 mm (L)
Lip Size 2030 mm (W) x 400 mm (L)
Shut Height 580 mm (H)
Working Length 3130 mm (L)
Overall Size 2030 mm (W) x 3130 mm (L)
Travel Range ( Above and Below) + 300 mm / - 250 mm
Clear Pit Dimensions 2080 mm (W) x 2800 mm (L) x 585 mm (H)
Loading Platform Height from Road 1250 mm – 1400 mm (as per client’s requirement)
Platform Plate 6 mm thk Antiskid Chequered Plate
Stiffeners below chequered plate 3 mm thk
Lip Plate Anti skid chequered plate 12 mm thickness (6mm chequered plate + 6 mm MS back plate)
Stainless Steel Hinge Pin SS Hinge pin for Swinging of Lip and Platform
Power Pack
Hydraulic Power Pack Imported European Make
Electric Motor Details:
Power 1.1 KW
RPM 2800
Voltage 230 V/ 400 V
Current 4.7 A/ 2.7 A
Frequency 50 Hz
Flow Rate Min. 2.5 LPM - Max. 20.0 LPM
Pump Pressure 160 Bar
Safety valve set pressure 170 Bar
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 10 litres
Maximum slope can be achieved 10%
No. of Platform Cylinders 2 nos
No. of Lip Cylinders 1 no
Hydraulic Hose length 3 mtr (as per our standard)
  • Flashing Lamp
  • Rubber Bumper
  • Alarm
  • Wheel Directs
  • Wheel Locks
Surface Finish
Finish Standard finish with 1 coat of epoxy primer and 2 coats of epoxy paint, platform- Blue and Base frame- Black with safety reflective taps

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