Insulated Double Wall Rolling Shutters

Avians insulated rolling shutter present an ideal solution where the environment of your building needs to be consistent & at the same time it should enhance the look to any modern architecture. Insulated rolling shutter minimize energy loss, both with heat ‘flow through’ and round the curtain. They are suitable for loading bays, factories, warehouses and any applications where security is required together with thermal insulation.

Our Insulated rolling shutter are custom designed to suite your specification as the shutter strips are individually insulated with PUF and provide an improved insulation value to that stipulated by standard building regulations.

Our Insulated rolling shutters are also particularly suitable for wide door openings which have to withstand harsh weather conditions. These Insulated rolling shutters have Smooth and noiseless operation. As an additional feature galvanized steel slats, guide and bottom Rail prevents the rolling shutters from rusting and help to provide a long life to these shutters.
  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • The flexible roller shutter curtain can yield and springs back in case of any collision; the slats are rarely damaged or have to be replaced.
  • The shutter slats continue to look good after many years of use thanks to their robust and attractive profiling
  • Aluminum Side guides incorporate twin vertical Rubber seal to the outer face of the guide channel.
  • A specially designed aluminum extruded bottom section with rubber bottom seal protects the ground contact area.
  • Mororised rolling shutters are self sufficient and can be operated by a single push button
  • Our shutters are in-build with high performance drives and intelligent controls.
  • Our Drives have weight carrying capacity up till 2000Kgs.
  • In case of power failure, these doors can be operated manually using a hand crank or chain drive
  • Our drives are inbuilt with special anti drop device and additional electromagnetic brake to ensure that the door does not free-fall in any worst conditions
  • Finger-tip control to open and close shutters of any size with the utmost ease from a single push-button switch or a radio remote control transmitter
Technical Specification Description
Product Motorized insulated Double Wall rolling Shutters
Door Dimension
Width Min. /Max. 1000/8000mm
Height Min. /Max. 1000/8000mm
Max. Area 64.0Sqm
Larger Dimension on request
Opening Direction Vertical
Mounting Location Inside
Mounting Surface Concrete, Steel
Opening/Closing Speed 0.05m-0.2m/Sec
Wind Resistance Up to 120Km/Hr
Door Structure
Slat Material Insulated ,Pre-Coated Galvanized Steel Double Wall Slats
Slat Profile Micro Profile
Slat Thickness 19.0mm
Slat Insulation Polyurethane foam
Bottom Profile Aluminum profile with Bottom Rubber sealing
Side Guide Profile Aluminum profile with Rubber inserts on both ends.
Roller Shaft
  • M.S Tubular Pipe with flanges & machined shaft at the ends.
  • Pipe dia-100 to 300mm, as per the opening dimension.
Side Brackets M.S plate 3mm to 10mm,as per the opening dimension
Surface Finish
  • Standard Off White Color
  • Special Color on request(Non-pre coated)
Options Available
  • Vision Windows : with Double glazed with Acrylic Profile
  • Ventilation Windows : with PVC Louvers profile
  • Hood Cover : Made of G.I sheet thickness 0.8mm
Details for Automation System
Control Type Deadman /Pulse Control
Drive Unit
  • Electric Motor
  • Single / Three Phase
Drive Type Electric Motor(Imported Make) Single Phase/Three Phase
Emergency Operation
  • Manual Hand Crank
  • Optional Chain Wheel drive
Accessories (Optional)
  • Flashing Light
  • Safety Photocell
  • Remote Control with receiver
  • Electronic Safety Edge
  • Pull Cord Switch
  • CE
  • VDE checked

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