Grill / Perforated Rolling shutters

Balancing the demands of security and display can be a real challenge; Avians bring you the right solution- grill rolling shutters and perforated rolling shutters.

These shutters are usually used to let air or water enter and/or leave but keep larger objects including people and animals in or out. These shutters can give full window protection with a level of visibility that will intimidate burglars or vandals and thus allow complete protection and ventilation.

Our grill rolling shutters and perforated rolling shutters are an economical method of providing a secure closure to large or small openings. Effective for shops, commercial places, power generator rooms and transformer rooms our grill rolling shutters and perforated rolling shutters are corrosion resistant and sturdy in nature.

Honeycomb Pattern Grill
Perforated Slat
Brick Pattern Grill
  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Steel, aluminums or stainless steel perforated rolling shutters and grill rolling shutters are available in various designs
  • Our shutters are manufactured from the best quality metals which ensure long lasting performance.
  • The bottom profile of the door is incorporated with additional stiffeners to provide an additional strength.
  • Motorised rolling shutters are self sufficient and can be operated by a single push button
  • Our shutters are in-build with high performance drives and intelligent controls
  • Our drives have weight carrying capacity until 2000Kgs
  • In case of power failure, these doors can be operated manually using a hand crank or chain drive.
  • Our Drives are inbuilt with Special Anti Drop device and additional Electromagnetic brake to ensure that the door does not free-fall in any worst conditions.
  • Finger-tip control to open and close shutters of any size with the utmost ease from a single push-button switch or a radio remote control transmitter.
Technical Specification Description
Motorized grill rolling Shutters Motorized perforated rolling Shutters
Door Dimension
Width Min. /Max. 1000/8000mm
Height Min. /Max. 1000/8000mm
Max. Area 36.0Sqm
Larger Dimension on request
Opening Direction Vertical
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Mounting Surface
  • Side Brackets : On Concrete /steel
  • Side Guides : on Concrete/Steel/ Masonry
Opening/Closing Speed 0.2m/Sec
Door Structure
Curtain Types
  • Honeycomb
  • Brick
Bottom Profile
  • M.S Plate with angle Stiffener
  • Optional –Rubber Bottom Seal
Side Guide Profile M.S “U” Shaped profile 65mm ~ 200mm x 3mm thick (as per the opening width dimension)
Roller Shaft
  • M.S Tubular Pipe with flanges & machined shaft at the ends.
  • Pipe dia-100to300mm, as per the opening dimension.
Side Brackets M.S plate 3mm to 10mm thick, as per the opening dimension
Surface Finish
  • Primer-Red Oxide
  • Optional-Enamel Painting/Powder Coating
Options Available
  • Hood Cover : Made of sheet thickness 0.8mm
  • Grill Pattern Available in : G.I material
Details for Automation System
Control Type Deadman /Pulse Control
Drive Unit
  • Electric Motor
  • Single / Three Phase
Drive Type In-Direct / Direct Connecting Type drive
Emergency Operation
  • Manual Hand Crank
  • Optional Chain Wheel drive
Accessories (Optional)
Operational Accessories
  • Additional Push Button
  • Remote Control with receiver
  • Pull Cord Switch
Safety Accessories
  • Flashing Light
  • Safety Photocell
  • Electronic Safety Edge
  • CE
  • VDE checked

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