Automatic Glass Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have high functional features of its own and if these doors come with improved customization, their features gain additional value. One of the prominent sliding doors is glass sliding doors.

The excelled feature of a glass sliding door is not restricted to the vision facility that it provides but has a higher aesthetic value. They are mostly used for small span openings as entrance doors of companies and administrative departments. The transparency that they provide makes the quality inner interiors of the hall easily visible to the outsiders making them keen and interested during their visits. Glass sliding doors have turned out to be a status symbol for the corporate offices.

Apart from the aesthetic look that they provide they ensure high functional efficiency. Glass sliding doors are totally automatic and used for frequent opening and closing. The operation timing of these doors can be easily set or reset for that matter. Even the maintenance of these doors is not at all a big deal. With very easy and efficient operation glass sliding doors are indeed a great customized solution in the entrance door automation system.
  • Mostly popular amongst commercial buildings/shopping complexes, offices, corporate houses and internal door between two doorways in any industry
  • The doors are design & Manufactured in our state of the art facility.
  • These Doors are also available as manually operated door.
  • Smart drives and controls are perfectly harmonized to guarantee easy assembly and programming
  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • High usage frequency.
  • Our doors opens & close at a speed of speed 100-450mm/sec. (adjustable)
  • Heavy duty Top Mounted track with timing belt
  • No obstruction at the bottom
  • Various types of Standard & Economical range of panels are available to suite your building structural requirement.
  • Doors can be constructed as partly pre-coated paneled/Aluminum sheets & partly glazing sheet.
  • Automatic Glass Sliding Doors can be constructed with vertical EPDM rubber seal
  • These doors offer interlocking facility between two doors.
  • The automatic sliding doors can be included with additional safety devices. Actuators such as radar detectors, push buttons, loop detectors or remote control can be added to the control system
Technical Specification Description
Product Automatic Glass sliding Doors
Door Type Single side / Bi-parting Type
Door Dimension
Width Min. /Max. Single Leaf : 900mm - 2500mm
Double Leaf : 1500mm – 3000mm
Height Min. /Max. 1800mm-2500mm
Max. Weight Single Sliding: 120Kgs
Double Leaf : 80Kgs + 80Kgs
Door Mounting on Top Track Operator mechanism
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Mounting Surface On RCC/steel
Wind Resistance
  • Up to 90 km/Hr
  • *Higher Wind Pressure on Request
Door Structure
Door Panels
  • Fully Glazed
  • Fully Paneled / Sheet
  • Partly Glazed /Partly Paneled /Sheet
  • Various Options available for glass, Panel & Sheets
Door Operation Mechanism Top Mounting Mechanism with Timing Belt & Pulley
Option Available
  • Vision Windows.
  • Lowers Windows
  • Vertical EPDM rubber sealing for insulated panels doors
Panel & Frame
  • Std. Off-white color
  • Other Color on request
Details for Automation System
Motor Mounting Top Mounted
Control Type Deadman /Pulse Control
Drive Type Top Mounted Sliding door Operator kit
Operating Switch
  • Push Button from Inside
  • Optional-Push Button/Key Switch from Outside
Accessories (Optional)
Operational Accessories
  • Additional Push Button
  • Remote Control with receiver
  • Microwave Radar
  • Magnetic Loop Detector
Safety Accessories
  • Safety Photocell
  • Flashing Light
Power Supply 230VAC(+6% - 10%)50 (60)Hz
Drive unit 24Vdc Motor encoder

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